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Marshall County KAGE

Marshall County Chapter of the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education (MCKAGE)

What is Marshall County KAGE?
It’s the local chapter of the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education (KAGE).

Our Mission:
The Marshall County Chapter of the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education serves as a vehicle to inform all stakeholders of appropriate gifted and talented services, promote awareness of the nature and needs of gifted and talented students, and support services which challenge, ignite, and excite Marshall County gifted and talented students.

How To Become a Member:
Complete the application form below and pay a small fee of $5.

MCKAGE Membership Application

What We Do:

  • Encourage the improvement of educational services to all students, including those that are gifted and talented,
  • Support appropriate educational opportunities for gifted and talented students,
  • Offer training for parents and teachers of gifted and talented students,
  • Disseminate information about opportunities for gifted and talented students, as well as for parents and teachers of these students,
  • Inform the general public of the needs of gifted and talented students,
  • Assist parents, educators, and public officials in identifying and assessing resources to meet the needs of students who are gifted and talented.

What’s In It For You:
As a parent of a gifted child, educator, or community member interested in supporting gifted education, Marshall County KAGE provides a conduit through which information flows. The local chapter is dedicated to building stronger relationships between parents and educators with a focus on improving student achievement. When you get involved in KAGE, you will discover tools and resources to help you and your child maximize his/her educational experience.

What’s In It For Your Child?

  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Access to a vast array of resources through both state and national organizations

How To Get Involved:
Sign up for e-mail updates and notifications
Contact any board member to volunteer
Come to meetings and participate

Please visit Marshall County KAGE on FaceBook! 


Kim Claborn: MCKAGE President

Patty Robertson: MCKAGE Vice President

Misty Ramsey: MCKAGE Secretary

Sara Dittman: MCKAGE Treasurer

Toddie Adams: Director of Gifted Services, Marshall County School District

Ladona Alexander: Middle/High School GT Coordinator, Marshall County School District