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Gifted & Talented Program

GT Program

Welcome to the Gifted and Talented Program!

Welcome to the Marshall County School District Gifted and Talented website! The GT Program services gifted learners in 4th - 12th grades who exhibit potential strengths or are formally identified in the areas of General Intellectual, English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Creativity, Leadership, or Visual/Performing Arts. Visual/ Performing Arts includes the focus areas of Visual Art, Music (voice or instrumental), Drama, and Dance. Primary students who exhibit potential strengths in the areas of giftedness are serviced through the Primary Talent Pool (PTP). 

Administrators, guidance counselors, teachers, parents, students, and Gifted Services all work together to meet the creative, intellectual, academic, social, and emotional needs of our gifted learners in accordance with 704 KAR 3:285. We continuously strive to provide students with opportunities to grow in their areas of giftedness, think critically and creatively, problem-solve, lead their peers, and practice essential skills that are necessary to succeed in the 21st century. Essential skills include:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Collaborating
  • Communicating
  • Information Literacy
  • Media Literacy
  • Technology Literacy
  • Flexibility
  • Initiative
  • Social Skills
  • Productivity
  • Leadership

The GT Program implements Gifted and Talented Response to Intervention (GT/RtI) in accordance with the Kentucky Multi-Tiered System of Supports (KyMTSS). GT/RtI is a tiered system of interventions used to aid in the identification of high ability students and service them in the areas of giftedness. Interventions for student growth must be research-based and implemented with fidelity.





RtI and GT/RtI Tiers According to the Kentucky Multi-Tiered System of Supports

Tier 1: Encompasses all students in the general education classrooms. Effective core instruction is vital to meet the needs of diverse learners in the general classroom. Differentiated teaching and learning provide opportunities for students to exhibit strengths and move up through the tiers. Student movement throughout the tiers is fluid and based on student needs.

Tier 2: Includes students K – 3rd grades who exhibit potential strengths and are being considered for the Primary Talent Pool. Also includes students in 4th – 12th grades who are being considered for the GT Program. Supplemental interventions are required to meet student needs and allow opportunities for advanced and/or enriched content.

Tier 3: Students are Primary Talent Pool students or GT students who require intensive interventions to meet their unique needs. Interventions are specific to student strengths/needs and allow for challenging opportunities to grow students in their areas of giftedness or potential for giftedness.

Research-based interventions include gifted service options as stated in Kentucky State Regulations. Gifted Services utilizes the following interventions under GT/RtI:

  • Enrichment
  • Subject Acceleration
  • Whole-Grade Acceleration
  • Early Entrance into Kindergarten
  • Early Graduation
  • Mentorships
  • Independent Study
  • Advanced Placement Classes
  • Dual Credit Classes
  • Honors Classes

GT/RtI meetings are conducted periodically in Marshall County Schools. Administrators, guidance counselors, educators, and GT Coordinators meet to discuss the progress of tiered students, monitor interventions, and analyze data gathered through universal screenings, progress monitoring, adaptive online programs, classroom assessments, continuous progress, teacher observations, and student perspectives. Analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data ensure the GT/RtI committees understand the whole child for the purpose of meeting any needs. The GT Coordinators meet with the gifted learners to monitor continuous progress and social-emotional well-being.

The nature and needs of gifted students are reviewed regularly to ensure all educators are able to recognize gifted characteristics and understand behaviors of gifted learners. Focusing on qualitative data regarding students who exhibit gifted characteristics apart from results of standardized assessments, allows identification to occur in diverse populations such as English Language Learners, students with special needs, students from culturally diverse backgrounds, or students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Marshall County School District’s Gifted and Talented Program is committed to identifying and servicing gifted students and potentially gifted students.

If any parent feels that their child has not been correctly identified or is not adequately serviced by the GT Program, please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Gifted Services to file a grievance to ensure proper identification and services. The GT grievance procedure can be found at the bottom of the page Gifted and Talented Program - District Policies and Procedures.

Director of Gifted Services: Toddie Adams, PhD 

Elementary GT Coordinator: Katee Adams 

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