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Algebra II Help

Last Updated: 9/6/2019 4:23 PM

Algebra II Khan Academy Videos


UNIT 1 Manipulating and Interpreting Expressions


Interpreting Polynomial and Rational Expression


Polynomial Arithmetic and Structure


Rewriting Rational Expressions


Creating and Solving Formulas for Geometric Sequences


Operations with Complex Numbers


Solving and Reasoning with Complex Numbers


UNIT 2  Equations and Inequalities


Solving Rational and Radical Equations


Creating One Variable Equations and Inequalities



Creating 2-Variable Equations


Solving Equations by Graphing


Creating Systems of Equations and Inequalities


Inequalities (Systems and Graphs)


UNIT 3  Function Representations


Polynomial Factors and Graphing Zeroes


Key Features of Polynomial Functions 



Key Features of Radical Functions


Exponents and Logarithmic Models


Key Features of Logarithmic and Piecewise Functions

Algebra 2 Semester B - Khan Academy Videos

Unit 1 Comparing and Building Functions
Function Transformations
Inverse Functions
Revealing and Comparing Properties of Functions
Combining Functions
Unit 2 Trigonometric Functions
The Unit Circle
Graphing Trigonometric Functions
Interpreting Trigonometric Functions
Unit 3  Data and Random Sampling
Understanding Statistics
Statistical Models
Surveys, Experiments, and Studies

Unit 4 Inferences and Decision Making from Data

Evaluating Outcomes with Probability

Data and Normal Distribution

Estimations from Sampling

Evaluating Reports