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KDE -Standards/Content

Standards/Content Areas

Content/Program Areas

 Arts and Humanities

o    KDE Arts and Humanities Partners

o    Arts and Humanities Resources

o    Arts and Humanities Newsletter

o    Arts and Humanities - Curriculum Documents

·         English/Language Arts

o    English Language Arts Deconstructed Standards

o    Reading Assessments

o    Text Complexity Resources

o    Literacy

o    Kentucky Literacy Plan

o    Kentucky Adolescent Literacy Plan

o    Literacy Link Newsletter

o    Literacy Reports

o    Literacy Strategies

o    Literacy Professional Resources

o    Literacy - Technology Resources

o    Kentucky Cognitive Literacy Model

o    Integrated Strategy Districts

o    Lexile Information for Schools and Families

o    Family Literacy Resource Links

o    Early Literacy Forum - Reimagining the Possibilities

o    Speech Professional Education Alliance of Kentucky (SPEAK)

·         Global Competency

o    World Language and Global Competency Program Review Support

o    Grants and Awards to Support Global Integration

o    Discovering Global Competency

·         Library Media

o    Beyond Proficiency @ your library

o    Certification in Kentucky – Library Media

o    Citation and Plagiarism - Library Media

o    Collection Development - Library Media

o    Copyright Issues - Library Media

o    Flexible Scheduling - Library Media

o    Kentucky School Library Media News

o    Library Media Professional Organizations

o    Library Media Program Research

o    Online Discussion Lists of Interest - Library Media

o    Reading Programs - Library Media

o    Summer Reading

o    Web Resources - Library Media

·         Mathematics

o    Quantile Framework for Mathematics

o    Parent Resource for Mathematics

o    Mathematics Professional Learning

o    Mathematics Deconstructed Standards

o    Mathematics Achievement Fund (MAF) Grant

o    Mathematics - PERKS

o    Kentucky's Mathematics and Science Partnership Program

·         Practical Living and Career Studies

o    Practical Living - Curriculum Documents and Resources

o    Financial Literacy and Personal Finance

o    Career Studies - Curriculum Documents and Resources

·         Preschool/Primary

o    School Readiness Definition

o    Early Learning Leadership Networks (ELLNs)

o    Preschool Professional Development and Certification

o    Preschool Regulations

o    Preschool Program Review (P2R) Process

o    Early Childhood Resources

o    Early Childhood Regional Training Centers

o    Preschool Classrooms of Excellence

o    Preschool Centers of Excellence and Quality

o    Preschool Administrative Resources

o    Primary Statutes and Regulations

o    Primary Program Resources

o    Primary Program Infinite Campus FAQ

o    Primary Diagnostic Assessment

o    Curriculum Documents for Kentucky's Primary Program

o    Common Kindergarten Entry Screener

o    Assessment and Accountability for Primary

o    Accelerated Placement in Primary

·         Science

o    Curriculum Resources

o    Kentucky Environmental Literacy Plan

o    Kentucky Science and Engineering Fair (KY-SEF)

o    Mathematics and Science Partnership Program (MSP)

o    Professional Organizations and Kentucky Resources

o    Science Leadership Networks

o    Science Newsletter Activities

o    Archived Science Web Content

·         Social Studies

o    Proposed Social Studies for the Next Generation

o    Social Studies Curriculum Documents and Resources

o    Laws and Regulations

o    Social Studies Assessments

o    Professional Organizations and Kentucky Resources

o    Social Studies Web Links and Internet Resources

o    Social Studies Today: The New and the Now

o    Constitution Day

o    Legislative Mandate - Flag Etiquette

o    Veterans Day Programs

o    Kentucky Social Studies Leadership Networks

·         World Languages

o    Kentucky Standard for World Languages Proficiency

o    World Languages Assessments

o    Walk-Through Tools for Administrators

o    World Language and Global Competency Program Review

o    Global Competencies

o    Kentucky Connection to the World

o    International Education

o    International Partners

o    Professional Organizations

·         Writing

o    Writing and the Kentucky Core Academic Standards - How to Set and Meet Our Goals

o    Writing Planning Guidance - Developing a Schoolwide Writing Plan

o    Schoolwide Writing Programs, Plans and Policies

o    Writing Policy Guidance

o    Kentucky Writing Resources

o    Kentucky Marker Papers (P-12)

o    The National Writing Project

o    Writing Assessments

·         Coordinated School Health

o    Counseling, Psychological and Social Services

o    Family and Community Involvement

o    Health and Safety Policies and Environment

o    Health Education

o    Health Promotion for Staff

o    PANT (Physical Activity, Nutrition and Tobacco)

o    Physical Activity and Nutrition Integration Resources

o    Physical Education and Other Physical Activity Programs

o    School Health Profiles

o    Upcoming Training Opportunities

o    Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBS)

·         School Accountability

o    Program Review

o    PGES

·         Partnerships and Resources

o    Humana Vitality

o    Alliance for a Healthier Generation

o    Let's Move! Active Schools

o    Action for Healthy Kids

o    Fuel Up to Play 60

·         Wellness Policy

o    Wellness School Assessment Tool (WellSAT)

·         Whole Child

o    Health Education

o    Physical Education and Physical Activity

o    Health Services

o    Nutrition Services

o    Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services

o    Social and Emotional Climate

o    Physical Environment

o    Employee Wellness

o    Family-Community Involvement

o    Community Involvement

·         Standards

·         Kentucky Academic Standards

o    Kentucky's Learning Goals and Academic Expectations

o    Kentucky Academic Standards in Action

o    Common Core Appendices

o    Crosswalk-Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Comparison to Kentucky State Standards

o    English Language Arts Deconstructed Standards

o    Mathematics Deconstructed Standards

o    Combined Curriculum Documents

o    Core Content for Assessment Version 4.1

o    Content Specific Core Content for Assessment DOK Support Materials

o    EOCs and the KAS

·         Teaching Tools

o    Characteristics of Highly Effective Teaching and Learning (CHETL)

o    Kentucky’s Guide to Reflective Classroom Practice

o    Developing Quality Classroom Assessment Items

o    Attributes of a Standards Based Unit of Study

o    How To Develop a Standards-Based Unit of Study

·         Model Curriculum Framework

o    Kentucky Uniform Academic Course Codes

·         Leadership Networks

o    Deconstructing Standards

·         Program Reviews

o    Program Review Resources

o    AdvancEd

·         Textbooks

o    Textbook Adoption Updates

o    Suggested Annual Timeline for District Textbook Coordinators

o    Substitution Process for Previously Adopted Items

o    State Textbook Commission

o    Sample Purchasing Plan

o    District Off-List Notification Information

·         Adoption Groups

o    Adoption Group I - Language Arts, Reading and Literature (2006-2012)

o    Adoption Group II - Social Studies (2007-2013)

o    Adoption Group III - Science - (2008-2014)

o    Adoption Group IV - Mathematics (2009-2015)

o    Adoption Group V - Practical Living, Career Studies, Career and Technical Education (2010-2016)

o    Adoption Group VI - Arts and Humanities (2005-2011)

o    Adoption Timeline

·         Minimum High School Graduation Requirements