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Activities / Clubs

Last Updated: 1/25/2019 4:57 PM
Club Name Sponsor Meeting Room Fee
AP Art Club Mr. Jones 160  
Band Council Mr. Payton, Mr. Roberts Band Free
Basketball Club Mr. Binns,Mr. Langhi Main Gym Limited number of students
BETA/NHS Ms. Marshall 220 BETA-$25 (new) $10-(current) NHS-$15
Bros & Books Mrs. Burkeen Library  
Card Mania Club Mrs. Conley 112 $3
Chess Club Ms. McFarland 121 Intermediate and Advanced Players
Club Interact Ms. Gagel, Mrs. Carr 177 Free
Dead Poet's Society Mr. May 111 $7
Elite Club Mrs. Ward PM-1 Invitation Only
FBLA Mrs. Phelps, Mrs. Gillespie, Mr. Rosa 209 $25
FCA Mr. Merrick, Mr. Johnson,
Mr. Buchanan
129 Free
FCCLA Mrs. Cate, Mrs. Collins,
Mrs. Cathey
A-Gym $25- t-shirt
FFA Mr. Smith, Ms. Griffith Band Room  
French Club Mrs. Darnell 116 $2
Green Alliance Mr. Boone S-4 Free
Homework Help Mrs. Pagel, Mr. Pagel 204 Free
HOSA Hodges,Vasseur TC-3 $30- w/ t-shirt
JCA Mr. Shelton 126 $2
JETS/TEAMS/TSA Ms. Marshall, Mr.Morris 220 Free
K2BK (Kool to be Kind) Ms. Underhill PAC-ART Free
Military Club Srgt. Young Mrs.Lepore 114  
Militia Generals Mrs. Austin Upper Lobby $20
Minecraft Club Mr. Westerfield 127 Free
Mountain Bike Club Mr. Darnall,  Mrs.Beal Tech $20- t-shirt
Outdoors Club Mr. Darnell 224  
Pokemon Go Mrs. Kindle 113 Free
Reading Club Mrs. Mathis Library Free
Rotary Club INTERACT Mrs. Angie Fisk 124 No
Science Olympiad Mrs. Devillez, Mrs. Rohrer 223 $5- t-shirt
SKILLS US Mr.Darnall, Mr.Freeman, Mr.Dotson, Mr. York Cafeteria $25
Spanish Club Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Phelps 171 $20 - snacks & T-shirt
Special Populations Interact Ms. Gagel 177  
Student Council Mr. Kerrick Officers: Every Tuesday  
Student Y Club Mrs. Alexander 128 $20
Writers Block Ms. McFarland 121  
Young Democrats Mrs. Amanda Groves 136  
Young Republicans Mr. Brockman 137  
The Change Makers      


Eligibility for Participation
· Eligibility of every student will be checked on a regular basis.  Club sponsors will also communicate with students and parents regarding eligibility, rules and regulations.
·  In order to be eligible to participate, a student must be passing 2/3 of his/her classes which is equivalent to 6 out of 8 classes.
·  If a student’s GPA in a 9-week grading period is below 2.0, the student will be placed on academic probation for one grading period.  He/she may participate in extra-curricular activities during this time.  Students are encouraged to attend Extended School Services while on probation for the subject(s) in which they are having trouble.
·  If the GPA does not meet or exceed the required 2.0 GPA at the end of the next grading period, the student is declared ineligible for the following 9-week grading period. 
·  Students who are failing 3 or more classes will immediately be declared ineligible regardless of their GPA.  There is no probationary period for these students.
· Any student who accumulates a total of 9 unexcused absences for the school year will be banned from attending any field trips, club trips or from participating in any extracurricular school event.  The student will lose his/her eligibility for one calendar year from the date of the ninth unexcused absence.